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Reserach & Development

Tateyama Kagaku Group aims at the establishment of one and only technologies for the next generations by integrating the core technologies of companies in the group at the Technology Headquarters.

Trying to put technological development into practical use

Research & Development Center
It is the so-called R&D center for the group. Its missions are to deepen the technologies each company is working on, try technological development for new areas the group has not handled, clarify a road map for practical use of such technological development and break it down to each company within the group.
Collaborating with universities and authorized research institutions, the headquarters promotes R&D and shows steady results.

Nano technology, MEMS, new sensor, new energy...
The headquarters works on a wide variety of themes from mid- and long-term perspectives.

For example, the headquarters popularized manufacturing technologies for metal nano-sized particles using nano technology and carbon tubes and developed new sensor elements.
The headquarters works on a wide variety of themes such as precision work, design simulation, communication, network, medical care, bio and much-talked-about new energy.
Double-sided solar cells
Nano-Metal Colloidal Suspension

 Introduction to the latest technology under development

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