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System solutions

Tateyama System Laboratory is expanding the provision of consistent service, such as mainly various types of system integration, our own package sales, watching the sensor system and care services, from planning and development to maintenance and operation.
And also we receive order and customize the various system integration,the microcomputer software, and the FA control software.
Receiving order, development and sales of IT solutions
We receive order and customize various system such as Enterprise system, FA system and Embedded system.
It is a complete package inclusive of proposals, design, equipment setup ,development,install,and even up system maintenance.
Security Filing System [SFS]
Document management system with security countermeasures.
Information that increase every day is organized, and capitalized information is shared and retrieved speedily.
Car license plate recognition system [Bancho]
Car license plate recognition device loaded with high-performance recognizer.

360-degree Panoramic Annular Lens [PALNON]

Lens can be seen in all directoins, it helps to reduce the number of cameras.
Elderly monitoring services
In cooperation the local community and our monitoring center, is a system watch has to offer to the elderly living alone.
By placing a sensor for the system watched over the house of the elderly living alone, it detects an abnormality that has been set in advance.
"SFS" has been introduced in financial business world,lots of law offices!! Document management system in detail."SFS" website(Japanese text only)
Bancho2,system for License Plate Recognition, is the system designed to enhance the customer and to strengthen customer's security."Bancho2" website(Japanese text only)
"Mimamolink"introduce elderly people watch over system, our service in detail."Mimamolink" website(Japanese text only)

【Inquiry about System solutions】

Please contact us by e-mail, phone or faxes if you have any question or request.

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