TATEYAMA SYSTEM LABORATORY CO., LTD. Shaping your dream as system

About Us

Founded Oct, 1989
Representative Katsuhito Mizuguchi, Representative Director & President
Head Office 3-30 Tsukioka-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama 939-8132, Japan
Outline of Business Provision of consistent services from planning and development to operation and maintenance of various system integration.
Sales of in-house software package, watching-over service and so on.

Shaping your dream as system

We are an innovation company that provides cutting-edge solutions for society, industry and lifestyle based on two core business, IT solution business and home network solution business.


We provide various systems and technologies to our group companies. Typical ones are Business management system and Manufacturing management system, systems integration technology cultivated through Automation control development.

Extensive system development capability

We provide one stop solution including not only software but also hardware such as equipment selection, production and installation.

Our own products with features

Security Filing System “SFS”

This electric document management system ensures easy-to-use operability and high security, and can flexibly respond to customer's operation rules.

A lot of this system has been introduced to insurers and law firms.

Car License Plate Recognition system “BANCHO“

This high-performance license plate image recognition system expands the scope of activities to many fields such as Security, Customer satisfaction improvement, Marketing.

Our recognition rate of 99% is top class in the industry.
(Under our environment)

360-degree Panoramic Annular Lens “PALNON”

This is a panoramic lens that can capture a uniform image of 360 degrees without distortion by special lens processing. 360 degree shooting is possible in all directions thoughtfully.

With our own patent as a core technology, you can see clearer images.


We developed a unique "watch solution" that combines the IT equipment and human ware,
contributing to the safety and security development of the local community.

Provide peace of mind regarding the safety of the elderly by IOT

Since 2002, our elderly watching services utilizing the human sensor※1 has provided peace of mind to 27,000 people living alone in 200 local governments.

  • Emergency call system

    Main device to watch the elderly living alone

  • Human sensor

    Sensor that provides an easy-to-use mechanism for the elderly

  • Tateyama Consultation Center (Call Center)

    Consultation Center which can respond to users' health, life consultation, heart trouble etc. 24 hours a day, 365 days

Emergency call service This service makes emergency calls to a 24-hour center using an emergency call device, and contacts the fire department or related organizations according to the situation.
Health consultation service This service is available 24 hours a day for professional staff to provide users with health, life consultations and heart troubles.
Safety confirmation service Emergency call system reports to call center automatically when our unique human sensor detects users’ less activities.
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