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Wireless devices

In addition to a RFID, we set a 920MHz wireless network, which can be used in many countries and has a higher communication speed, as a next growing field.


Feature of 920MHz-band (Under Japanese regulation)


20mW maximum output power

Wireless RS-485 Modbus Unit

Signal transfer from BEMS/FA instruments with wireless


Feature of 426&429MHz-band(Under Japanese regulation)


Use of RFID

Product lineup

The main products of TateyamaKagaku Wireless Technology Co., Ltd are wireless devices using 400MHz-band which is superior in permeability and in diffraction efficiency.
Our products are used in the following systems, and also used in a various scenes such as houses, factories, or offices.
  • Crime prevention system
  • Disaster prevention system
  • Automatic metering system
  • Remote control system of an air conditioner or a special vehicle
We offer following systems using 300MHz-band.
  • Position detection
  • Entrance and exit management
And now, we put our new products, 920MHz-band wireless units which can be used in many countries and have a higher communication speed, on the market.
We will respond to your request by using our wireless technology which has been cultivated by 17-year development/product experience.
We will also respond to your requests from overseas.Please feel free to contact us.

【Inquiry about Wireless devices】

If you should need additional information and have any queries regarding our Wireless devices, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, telephone and facsimile.
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