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CEO's Message

Thank you for visiting TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP website.

TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP established TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. which produces carbon film resistors in 1958, and gave birth to Toyama, Japan.

In addition to various resistors, we have been focusing on Device Solution business centered on temperature sensors and wireless devices, FA Solution business that manufactures FA systems and production equipment, and System Solution business that develops FA systems, security systems, various applications, software, etc.
Furthermore, we always try to challenge new fields such as medicine and energy.

With the thought of "From Toyama to the World ...", overlooking the magnificent Tateyama mountain range, among the research buildings and factories surrounded by greenery, young employees aim to harmonize nature and science, and are working hard on development of cutting-edge technology and manufacturing of products.
We are proud that TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP is an asset for further expanding the 21st century, and we believe it is very important to always listen to our customers to see if our actions lead to activities that truly delight our customers.

In this website, we are striving to provide the latest topics, company profile, products, technologies, recruitment information, etc. of 11 companies of TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP. We would like to work with our customers with the aim of becoming TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP that can be of use to everyone, and I would like to ask you to deepen your understanding of our group and to give us your thoughts and opinions.

Shoichiro Mizuguchi

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