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1958 MayLaunched in Oizumi Toyama-shi,Toyama
Started production of Carbon film resistor.
SepVentured in business with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
1964 FebIntroduced equipment resistor production equipment.
1970 AprEstablished Tateyama Machine Co.,Ltd.
1976 JulStarted production booster production.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
1980 SepOpened south plant.
1982 MarStarted production of thick film chip resistors.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
1983 AprReceived order and started production of DIP Insertion Machine.(Tateyama Machine CO.,LTD.)
1984 MarStarted production of BS tuners.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
1987 MayEstablished TAF Co.,Ltd. and ITM Co.,Ltd.
1988 MayStarted production of chip resistor networks.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
DecEstablished Tateyama Auto Machine Malaysia Co.,Ltd.
1989 OctEstablished Tateyama System Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
1991 MarEstablished Tateyama General Development Co.,Ltd.
NovConstruction of new building for Tateyama Machine completed
1994 AprEstablished ITM Electronics Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
1995 JulStarted production of PDSS Wireless Modem.
1996 JunEstablished Tateyama R&D Co.,Ltd.
1997 JulEstablished Tateyama Laboratory Hungary Co.,Ltd.
OctTateyama Kagaku Industry acquired ISO9001 Certification.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
1998 MarStarted development of PAL360 lenses(Tateyama R&D)
MayTateyama Machine acquired ISO9001 Certification.
DecOpened Tokyo Marketing Center.
1999 AprTateyama Kagaku Industory started grouping the company into privately held companies.
OctTateyama Kagaku Industry acquired ISO14001 Certification.
2000 AprStarted production of Thermistor Probes.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
JunStarted introducing of Daily Life Security System.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2001 AprStarted International purchasing business.(Tateyama Machine)
Tateyama Machine started grouping the company.
Started software development in Malaysia.(Teyama System Laboratory).
Started International purchasing business.(Tateyama Machine).
2002 AprOpened overseas branch in China and Hong Kong.
MayStarted development of Recycle system for Appliances. (Tateyama Machine)
SepStarted development of 3-Axis Accelerometer.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
DecEstablished Tateyama Thailand Co .Ltd. (Bangkok)
Started development of 3 dimension-form measuring device(Tateyama Machine).
2004 JanClean room established .(Tateyama Machine)
FebStarted development of glass fracture sensor.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
AprOpened Tsukuba Laboratory.
Development of Recognition system for fleet numbers (Tateyama Machine)
2005 AprThe manufacturing business moved to Tateyama Kagaku Industry from Tateyama System Laboratory.
Business of Emergency notification moved to Tateyama Kagaku Industry from Tateyama System Laboratory.
PAL lenses bussines moved to Tateyama System Laboratory from Tateyama Kagaku Industry.
2006 NovObtained the Privacy Mark certification.(Teyama System Laboratory)
2007 SepThe Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Certification for space chip resistor.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2008 MayCelebrated company's 50th Anniversary.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
SepStarted the development of Position Management System.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2009 OctTransfered the business rights for CertifGate from CITIZEN company.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2010 AugTransferred the business rights for thermometer from TAKARA THERMISTOR.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2011 AprIncorporated Tateyama Kagaku Ind. Co., Ltd.:4 business companies.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
2012 AugStarted introducing of 920MHz band wireless unit.(TATEYAMA KAGAKU WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY)
2013 MarOur subminiature current-limiting fuse received the award of excellence in development from JAXA (TATEYAMA DEVICE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY)
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