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Message from Top Management

Tateyama Kagaku Group commenced its operations in Toyama in 1958 with the establishment of Tateyama Kagaku Industry Co., Ltd., producing carbon film resistors. Since then, we have continuously been developing various types of resistors as well as establishing new business areas including manufacturing and sale of visual equipment, development, design, manufacturing and sale of factory automation (FA) systems, and development of software for computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and FA systems. Today we boast a 14-company group cooperating and enhancing each other's contributions.

Keeping our motto "From Toyama to the World" in mind, the young staff members in our Group are continually making every possible effort to develop new technology and products in our laboratory and factories located in a beautiful natural setting, which commands a grand view of the Tateyama mountain ranges. As the phrase "harmony between nature and science" goes, I am proud to say that the capabilities of young staff members nurtured in such an environment is the greatest asset of the Group and will surely make Tateyama Kagaku Group leap into the 21st century.

This homepage gives you a glimpse into the company's profile and shares new topics regarding products, technology and employment within the Tateyama Kagaku Group of 14-company. We hope this information will help to serve your understanding if only a little about Tateyama Kagaku Group. As we will try to post new information in the future to deepen that understanding so please visit us again from time to time. We would also appreciate it very much if you could give us your comments and advice.
President and CEO
Shoichiro Mizuguchi


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