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Behavioral guideline

Basic princile

TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP recognizes that the protection of the global environment is one of the highest business priorities and makes the management mission "co-existence and mutual prosperity" with the environment and
“contribution to the development of our social life”, maintaining and improving the environment with utmost care and effort.


TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP recognizes that business activities, products and services will significantly affect to the global environment, and contributes to the protection of the global environment and the realization of a sustainable society by preventing pollution and continuously improving the environmental management system.
  1. Accurate assessment of the environmental impact of products and services in all business activities conducted by the Group and establish environmental objectives and targets in order to continuously improve the environmental management system and improvement activities.
  2. To comply with external stakeholders’ and environment-related laws and regulations that aim to establish voluntary environmental management standards to further strengthen the environmental improvement efforts.
  3. In order to prevent contamination of natural resources, global warming and enhance the biodiversity protection, the Group strives to improve the following in its business activities.
  4. (1) Reduce environmental impact by providing environmentally-conscious products assessment.
    (2) Eliminate waste in production process / business to achieve waste reduction and resource conservation.
    (3) Pre-assessment and management of chemicals are carried out to reduce hazardous substances in newly introduced products.
    (4) Implementation of energy conservation measures and evaluation of the newly introduced production facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    (5) Based on the “Declaration of Biodiversity”, investigation of ecosystem services and the degree of influence are carried out as efforts to protect biodiversity.

  5. Committed towards promoting environmental protection by providing education and training to the employees and contract workers to educate them on the environmental policy.
  6. Cooperation from contract suppliers is also requested for environment improvement. In addition, details of the implementation are also disclosed to external stakeholders.
  7. By actively participating in the "environmental protection" activities in the region, the Group aims to be a company that is trusted by the community and society.
Effective from July 7, 1999
Revised May 18, 2012