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Tateyama Kagaku Module Technology

  • Thermistor sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pt sensor
  • Measurement instrument
  • Testing instrument
  • Analytical instrument

Wireless devices

Tateyama Kagaku Wireless Technology

  • 920MHz band wireless unit
  • 426/429MHz band
  • 315MHz Active RFID
  • Development, production, and sale of wireless application devices

Medical devices

Tateyama Machine

  • Ultra-shortwave Therapy Equipment


Tateyama Kagaku device Technology

  • Thick Film Chip Resistors
  • Metal Foil Chip Low Resistors
  • Chip Resistor Networks
  • Ceramic Module


Tateyama Kagaku Sensor Technology

  • Thermistors elements
    (NTC thermistors:Bead glass,Clip in glass)
  • Temperature Sensor


Tateyama Kagaku Module Technology

  • Circuit board mounting

System solutions

Tateyama System Laboratory

  • Security Filing System
  • Car license plate recognition system
  • 360-degree Panoramic Annular Lens
  • Elderly monitoring services

Precision processing parts


  • Precision installation parts
  • FA system machine's Parts
  • Vacuum Chamber

FA Solutions

Tateyama Machine

  • Automatic assemble liner
Introduction to the latest technology under development

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Energy solutions Design,Development of Energy Solutions

Technical Research & Development Division

  • Design,Development of Energy Solution

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