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Thermistor is a kind of a ceramic semiconductor and a resistive element which is sensitive to heat especially. In various thermistors, NTC glass chip thermistors are excellent at particularly compatible accuracy, and furthermore, they have stability and mass production ability.
Moreover, glass bead thermistors are very stable, and they have great effects for reliability in high temperature specially.

Thermistors elements (NTC thermistors)

Chip in glass Thermistors

Model type:CL, CM
NTC thermistors which seal chip-shaped thermistor in glass are high quality and accuracy. Abundant thermistor characteristics are assorted for wide-ranging applications.

Bead glass Thermistors

Model type:BL, BM
Bead glass Thermistors seal thermistor grain in glass. The advantage of reliability in high temperature enables to adopt for expanded uses such as cookware and home electronics.

Temperature Sensor

For New Energy

The importance of temperature monitoring has been increased to improve the conversion efficiency of energy and high corrosion resistance and reliable thermistor is requested.

For Vehicles

Highly-reliable, aseismatic and insulation voltage resistance thermistor sensor is requested for on-vehicle battery, motor and inverter.

For Home Electronics & Household Equipments

For home electronics and household equipments desiring more reliable control regulation, our temperature sensors were graded up reliability and durability such as thermal shock resistance and waterproof structure.

Analysis device

Small thermistor available for the high accuracy measurement is expected for the analysis device.

For Precision Instrument

For fields which measuring slight temperature fluctuation is absolutely necessary, miniature and sensitive temperature is most suitable for minute / highly precise measurement and control.

For Industrial Instrument

For markets demanding a wide variety of temperature measurement and control regulation, we cover high reliable and durable temperature sensors considering especially vibration and waterproof.

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