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Temperature Sensor (NTC Thermistors)

For vehicles

Due to the popularization of the eco-cars such as the EV cars, the thermistor temperature sensor is expected for the detection of the over-heating temperature.
Small-sized,High aseismatic,Highly-reliable with high insulation voltage structure

Use Application
・ For on-vehicle battery
・ For on-vehicle motor
・ For on-vehicle inverter

For new energy

Demand for the solar system, fuel cells and storage battery will be more increased.
High corrosion resistance and reliable thermistor

Use Application
・ For power conditioner of solar system
・ For back-up hot-water supply system
・ For storage battery

analysis device

Small thermistor available for the high accuracy measurement is expected for the analysis device.
Highly chemical resistance and waterproof thermistor

Use Application
・ analysis device

For Home Electronics & Household Equipments

Currently, in home electronics and household equipments, more comfortable and high-integrity controls are expected.
We assort highly reliable and durable temperature sensors such as waterproof structured sensor for home electronics and household equipments.

Use Application
・ For measuring temperature of home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerator.
・ For measuring temperature of household equipments such as water heaters and warm water purifier.

For Industrial Instrument

Due to electronics developing, markets which need temperature measurement and control regulation are expanding widely.
For industrial instruments, we cover high reliable and durable temperature sensors considering especially vibration and waterproof.

Use Application
・ For measuring temperature of inside of grain dryer machines and compressors.
・ For measuring temperature of inner pipe of construction machineries.

For Precision Instrument

Due to upgrading of semiconductor technology, in the predision analysis, measurning bare temperature flustuation is becoming absolutely necessary.

Use Application
・ For Water and Oil Temperature Measurement
・ For Compressor Temperature Measurement

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